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INBIDA, "Inspiring National Bureaucracy in Islander Diversity through Advocacy",  a socio-economic non-profit think tank based in San Diego, Ca. which facilitates and administers entrepreneurial optimization for Pacific Islanders in America, by fostering business growth and facilitating venture capital through strategic social, economic, and political platforms. A process achieved inclusively by implementing invaluable resources and mentorship programs for young entrepreneurs, veterans, students and socially-challenged adults. Initiated & Spearheaded the the success of INBIDA's business model & a platform first of its kind with a bravos portfolio of brands such as Moya Brand, Fokai, Pacific Island Mannge Pops, Isla Rae Arts and Kainoa McGee. Additionally, strategic aligned with socio-political campaigns such as We The People, NOH8, and  the Military Spouse JD Network.

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